Sichuan police advised against stopping by woman was punched threatened minutes

Video monitor screenshot

December 21 at 8 in the morning, zigong, yantan district, Zhong Xin sheng-Jie yan Tan police brigade police officers on duty, persuasion against stopped vehicles. Period, by a woman surnamed Yuan Exchange fists.

After verification, yantan district, hitting women is safety supervision Bureau Chief of Yuan an, HO’s wife, when he is also at the scene. Witnesses said someone was playing police say: “make a phone call, every minute you (police) out of a job. “The present party woman has hindered State personnel perform their duties according to law, was sentenced to administrative detention on 7th.


Away on duty in violation of parking were women fist each other

“Today about 6:30 A.M., I arrived at the specified point, and began duty persuasion. “December 21, West China cities reader reporter saw at the yantan district shengping Jie Zhong Xin yan Tan police brigade police officers, he told reporters, according to Brigade arrangement, Sheng ping Street against the stop on the front lines, he is primarily responsible for counselling work, ensure that the road is clear.

“Until 8 o’clock in the morning when a white car came to a stop here, I went up and told him he couldn’t stop no dash area. “Zhong Xin said, then there are a few people, they want to stop off at a roadside shop,” then they parked in a line outside, I stepped forward again to persuade dash they parked in the parking areas. “Zhong Xin said that at that time, the woman driving is ready to leave,” but his two middle-aged women said ‘ don’t move ‘, stop here. ”

Subsequently, the car that middle-aged women get out of theory with Zhong Xin, and punches to the Zhong Xin chest. “Play is not very heavy, but makes me feel professional dignity has been violated, because I was wearing a police uniform during normal operations, assistance to law enforcement. ” Man lying drunk in the streets for more than 10

According to Zhong Xin introduced, after the incident, the other slowly along the shengping Street left, beating women and no car but walk the walk. Zhong Xin quickly followed up, and to report to the unit over the intercom, colleagues support the request. “Colleagues in the shengping Jie after old cinema stopped their vehicles, we let the attacker to the police for investigation and settlement. “Zhong Xin said, in the process, the woman waved again to another traffic police, and with the present traffic police pushed.

Eventually, the woman and passengers on board, the parties referred to the police go to the yantan police station for investigation.


Woman gave someone say “a phone call saying you off”

On December 21, the reporters came to yantan district shengping Jie visited, found in the section of the incident at a construction site in a witness Lee uncle (not his real name). “People here, police let her away, the woman shoveling his two ears, traffic police has not hit back. “Old man Li says, because work site earlier, some workers who saw the incident. “We all said that the traffic police has been too honest, God, has been woman. “Next to another she said, who saw the event procedure. Sections in yantan city, narrow streets, once the congestion caused by vehicles parked along the street is extremely easy.

Visit process, people told reporters that once heard someone say “make a phone call, every minute you (police) lost his job” as to who, the witness indicated that he did not know. The witness also said that, with the fellow men beating woman is the leader of yantan district work safety supervision Bureau. For this case, reporters get proof from the Zhong Xin. Zhong Xin said the time of the incident, he also had threatened, “said a phone call, minute says take off your work.”

The attacker

Was Chief of wife beating as police first “foot”

At noon on December 21, journalists visiting the yantan district work safety supervision Bureau office building, saw in the corridor open bar staff bar walking with the woman men features uniform business unit where some of the photos. That afternoon, the reporter by telephone contact with yantan district work safety supervision Bureau Chief Wu Ping, Wu Ping, said he was the head of the business unit, currently working. Wu Ping said, because it was their home, where a leave of absence to rest today, not on the job.

“My fingers under him is the fact that I didn’t what culture is the trigger. “Yan Tan when police introduced incident, Yuan said,” back 20 I would have give you a slap, I did say these words. “The Yuan said the time off, she felt the heel was kicked by the police twice,” I say he used shoes to kick me, I said take off socks for him to see, but he denied it, he only said he accidentally tripped over me. “The Yuan said the reason to hit this traffic policeman, because traffic police kicking himself hurt.

Chief of the involved

Didn’t call to let people work

“We are going to buy firecrackers, parked on the roadside, then the traffic police said that parking is not allowed here. “Yan Tan police station, reporters met the woman’s husband, and where some of the parties. He said the time of the incident, he and his wife and two relatives going back to cattle moving graves, after the shengping Street, he got off to a roadside shop, suddenly a policeman came forward requests to move the car. “I tell him, go buy something, for less than 1 minute, and he agrees that; but when I hold stuff, he does not agree, we hurried. “He said that the Association officers think his wife a bad attitude, do not let them drive away, so disputes took place.

He said the dispute occurred, his pay at stores, so both parties gave people, he didn’t see it. If someone claims that “make a phone call, let you take off your work” such as words, said he did not hear, own said.

Recent advances in

Monitoring confirms woman pushing a traffic policeman was sentenced to administrative detention 7th

Surveillance video shows according to the police, around 8:30 A.M. 21st, after Zhong Xin shoving with police officers for the first time, car driving away from the scene of the parties. To support police in yantan stopped the car near the old cinema. Subsequently, Yuan on a walk to push the car police, accompanied by a middle-aged man (he) has advised Yuan, Yuan has pushed him.

After a period of persuasion, three traffic police trying to get women to leave the scene, go to yantan police station for investigation. In the process, remembers a multiple hands shoving, hitting a policeman.

21st evening, reporters from yantan police was informed that, in accordance with the People’s Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security provisions of the 50th, Yuan due to obstacles, women functionaries of the State organs of the parties to perform their duties is 7th administrative detention.

(Formerly titled not be convinced against the stop, the woman punched to the police)


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