Li keqiang interpretation of international experts the SCO address political

Chinese Premier Li keqiang’s four-country tour in Asia and Europe short, tight schedule, many transitions, measured in seconds, “g strong rhythm” starts again.

November 3 at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, local time, Li keqiang has just ended in Kyrgyzstan on the 15th intensive agenda of the Prime Minister, went to the airport and flew to Kazakhstan’s capital, Astana.

Present Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Bishkek during the 15th meeting of the Prime Minister, Li keqiang, the Prime Minister on the SCO’s response to the current changes in the international situation, cooperation and realize common development and regional stability six initiatives. One is to create a safe and stable environment. II is to create integrated development pattern. Third, improve productivity level of cooperation. Four is to tap the innovation opportunities. Five regional financing mechanisms should be improved. Six is the cultural exchange as a solid foundation.

SCO Prime Minister after Prime Minister Li keqiang spent nearly 2 hours by special plane flew to Astana, Kazakhstan’s activities, mandamansuan is 3 hours. Li on Kazakhstan’s “whirlwind” access, brought a working capacity of “international achievements.”

After the meeting, Li and Kazakhstan Prime Minister Sagintayev appeared via video link and watch Kazakhstan Kustanay, jianghuai automobile factory opening ceremony, witnessed substantive progress was made in this project.

Two years ago, during talks with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev to break the established process initiatives to next day breakfast in-depth consultations with Kazakh Prime Minister Karim masimov agreed, and Li keqiang, initiated bilateral cooperation in capacity planning, from a “seed” sprout, grow, continue to bear fruits of cooperation between the two countries. Capitals from the Mainland via Hong Kong stock

Early on November 4, the Prime Minister again to the Latvian capital Riga to attend the fifth meeting of China-Eastern Europe Summit and official visit to Latvia.

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) line 3 international experts again, in the form of round tables on the Prime Minister, China’s cooperation with countries in Asia and Europe explains. 3 experts are: Renmin University Russia Institute for Eastern Europe and Central Asia Deputy Director, National Institute researcher Xu Qin Hua; Associate Professor, Diplomatic Academy of diplomacy and the Department of Foreign Affairs Management Ren Yuan喆; China Institute of Eurasian Chen Yurong, Director of the Institute of international studies.

Surging News: SCO, developing free trade area what are some important conditions and significance?

Renyuan zhe: six major initiatives in PM Lee’s speech, I think the FTA is a very bright spot, show that on construction of free trade zone, China has adopted an open attitude. I think this puts China’s expectation for the future development of the SCO. First of all, the establishment of the SCO was originally starting with political and security fields, “Shanghai spirit” which is dominated by regional security. After 15 years of development, we have reached some consensus in political and security areas, increased political mutual trust between the Member States. In particular in the fight against the three evil forces, we are coordinating their positions, have made great achievements. For an international mechanism, it can’t focus on one aspect. Our construction of SCO free trade zone proposed future development, further transform into a comprehensive regional organization started.

Second, in recent years, Russia and Central Asia economic development encountered bottlenecks. Into a stage of rapid growth in China. The will further strengthen economic cooperation between China and countries, there are also a lot of need. Construction of free trade zone is the beginning of our economic cooperation in the future.

Third, on the current international anti-globalisation, anti-elitism, populism, nationalism is rising protectionism prevails, in such a context, we further strengthen the economic cooperation of the SCO, the FTA construction, can be said to be China’s supportive stance for globalization. We want to open, and adhere to the globalization, insist on promoting globalization.

Finally, in the new leadership of our foreign layout, economic diplomacy is a very important aspect. Prime Minister Lee has been actively promoting bilateral and multilateral talks. Economic diplomacy is very important in free trade zones. We achieved last year, and Australia and the Korea free trade negotiations, we also actively exploring in the Japan and South Korea and other countries the construction of free trade. So I noted the SCO does not come from the trade the feasibility of building, which is a continuation of the spirit of our economic diplomacy.

Construction of free trade zone’s ultimate goal is to make the SCO members ‘ interests more closely together. And we say closer working relationship, the establishment of the concept of community of destiny is the same strain. Only further economic cooperation between the various national development, further integration and deepening economic exchanges of economic interests, to accumulate more mutual trust. From politics to economy, transformation of the SCO also provide an important platform for us participation in global governance.

Chen Yurong: this is a very important topic, deciding the SCO regional economic cooperation and development to what extent, what size of an important idea. The FTA is the tendency of cooperation of the SCO, SCO countries to seek economic cooperation efforts. As early as 2003 when SCO States reached consensus, in order to achieve free movement of goods, capital, technology and service, this is the SCO’s long-term goal. Ten years later, to regional economic integration in the world economy, economic globalization is constantly moving forward. Looked around, many are actively promoting the free trade area agreement. As the SCO, runs for more than 10 years, this co-operation and communication between the members, promoting and building a free trade zone within the SCO space conditions are basically ripe.

The significance of the establishment of SCO free trade area where? First of all, is to help each other achieve trade facilitation, investment facilitation, and will greatly enhance trade flows. The quality of cooperation there is a fundamental change. Which States have a strong boost to the economic development. FTA’s significance lies can not only boost the development of the national economy, and expand the scale of trade with each other. This is a development of the situation, very positive.

Surging News: how to treat Li’s “mining innovation and cooperation opportunities”?

Renyuan zhe: speech, Prime Minister Lee said the mining innovation and cooperation opportunities. It also fit well with the present stage China’s diplomacy and the SCO’s development needs. Speaking from China, we propose innovative development ideas, innovation and leading a new round of economic growth. This is our country “Thirteen-Five” strategy, and will continue to promote it, has achieved some success at present. From the SCO, we brought innovation to the SCO, and drive the innovation power of SCO member States, which is very important for the future development of the SCO. Inside the SCO, China has taken the lead in innovation at the forefront, such as some of our high-tech products, such as Huawei and other high-tech enterprises, in Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe which now occupies an increasing share. This also shows us the applicability of innovation leads the way in other areas of the economy. Through cooperation in science and technology, we can help these countries to develop productivity, potential, and high end our cooperation to a higher level. Compared to traditional areas such as commodities, goods, technological cooperation is a higher level of international cooperation, is crucial to the future development of the SCO, to other countries with economies in transition, product upgrades and technological level has helped. This is a “real” thing is something we can do right now.

Chen Yurong: now for the SCO member States, is facing new challenges in the economic field, is also faced with many opportunities. How to cope with the new challenges? In economic terms, for example, has ushered in a new stage in this new phase refers to the countries of the SCO countries after many years of cooperation level in the field of economic integration is already very deep, rely heavily on the mutual interest in strengthening, the use of such a situation and to continue to promote the economic cooperation of the SCO, which is a foundation. Refers to the so-called new challenges, States the pressure of economic growth, the global economy as a whole is a little slow, countries are shrinking, has led to a decline in international trade. In this case, between the SCO countries have strong complementarity in the economic structures, should take advantage of the platform of the SCO, at such a time to work together to increase mutual cooperation were overcome.

With the development of science and technology, cooperation in the economic field some of the new model has emerged, such as the development of e-commerce in the rapid advance, none of us would think of e-commerce share in mutual trade structures became increasingly prominent. To adapt to this way, adapt to this new form of grasping it, providing convenient conditions for business cooperation. This is an innovation that historical opportunity to grasp the opportunities for innovation, and new opportunities and cooperation model new ideas, new ways of thinking, which is very important.


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